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“We would like customers to enjoy the world of Washi just like they enjoy the world of wine”
With that our thoughts, our staff with specialized knowledge welcomes you as a Washi sommelier.
Please enjoy the charm of Washi being produced locally in Mino.

Washi Town, Mino

写経 写経用紙 書道 墨運堂

Mino Washi’s history began about 1300 years ago.

Mino was a suitable land for the production of Washi because it has an abundant supply of “raw materials” and “quality cold water” necessary for the production of Washi, and it was close to the capital.
In the Edo period, Mino Washi was recognized as a paper for the shogunate, and the town of Mino has flourished as a production area for Washi.

Washi made in Mino is not only the quality of paper that is thin and sturdy, but also its elegant color and durability, and its beauty when seeing through to sunlight, its texture hasn’t changed between now and the past.

Things you can do at Washi-nary


Please enjoy not only experience Washi, but also interacting with creators from other industries.

1. You can pick up over 200 types of Washi from all over Japan

2. You can try and purchase Washi on the spot

3. You can learn various aspects of Washi through conversation with a Washi sommelier

4. Creators can interact and exchange information

There is no need to go to different area to choose Washi.
Please enjoy new experience at the Washi-nary.

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1912-1 Motozumicho, Mino City, Gifu Prefecture, 501-3728,
(Located on the same site as NIPPONIA Mino Merchant Town)

Company Profile

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February 12, 1951

Head office

464 Mitarai, Mino City, Gifu Prefecture 501-3784, Japan


TEL 0575-37-2329
FAX 0575-37-2339

Business description
  • Planning, manufacturing and consulting for the machine-made Washi
  • Planning, manufacturing, sales and consulting for Washi products
  • Sales of machine-made Washi and handmade Washi
  • Production and sales of Washi’s raw materials like Kozo (paper mulberry) tree pulp
  • Tourism business
  • Other businesses – Revive Mino city and Mino Washi